October 24, 2011 - HB 179 Withdrawn

House Bill 179, Possession of Weapons on School Property, was withdrawn today prior to introduction by its sponsor, Rep. Ari Porth (D-Coral Springs). The bill would have criminalized of common pocketknives at school sponsored events, on school property, school buses, or at a school bus stop. Incredible as it seems, a boy scout found in posession of an official Boy Scout pocketknife would have been charged with a THIRD DEGREE FELONY under the ill-conceived bill.

In an over-zealous crusade against the tool, rather than the misuse of it, Rep. Porth was willing to destroy the future of children, parents, faculty, and staff. This is simply unforgiveable. What's next? Nail clippers?

Florida Carry and its membership, in close association with KnifeRights.org, takes great pride in leading the charge to get this bill squashed before it created unknowing felons out of the very cream of American youth, the Boy Scouts. 

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